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Sentinel Digital: Shaping The Future of Financial Services


In a vastly growing digital world, providing efficient, secure, and cost effective financial infrastructure has never been more important. 

At Sentinel Digital, we’re committed to overcoming traditional industry challenges by delivering flexible, embedded technology into websites and mobile applications. Traditional financial paradigms are hampered by cost and speed. 

To break these barriers, our bespoke, modular platform solutions are scaled upon proven technology—meaning enhanced, modern financial services can be quickly deployed at minimal expense, without the need for system-wide upgrades, and delivered in line with Sentinel Digital’s aim of reducing transactional risks for all clients.

Our vision to transform financial services

As Sentinel Digital’s B2B partnerships prosper, so do consumers. Agile technology that’s less expensive to own and operate provides greater product flexibility, choice, and savings. By transforming financial services, Sentinel Digital are promoting inclusivity and accessibility within the wider digitised world. Wider access to payment methods, such as having a current account, or digital payment services within the telecommunications and social media industries, means more users can benefit from modern technology everyday.

With over 14 million British adults now owning a digital-only bank account, stepping away from traditional brick and mortar services, and worldwide estimates forecasting an adoption rate of 2.5 billion by 2024, providing online and accessible financial technology has never mattered more.

We aim to provide best in class services, and, as a team, want to push the boundaries of next-gen tech. Sentinel Digital is moving toward becoming a world leader within the B2B market, a goal we’re achieving through the use of embedded finance.

Embedded finance for your custom needs

With blockchain technology revolutionising digital methods, despite barely having scratched the surface in capability terms and global market penetration, Sentinel Digital delivers not only efficient and cost-effective products, but services that support existing financial service products. We deploy infrastructure directly alongside existing mobile and web-app financial services, to provide a seamless end user experience.  

Whether IBANs, current accounts, savings & lending, loyalty programs, debit & credit cards, or digital wallets, embedded finance means deploying advanced infrastructure into partner ecosystems, regardless of technological capabilities. Sentinel Digital takes all the financial, KYC/AML responsibilities, offering up to 100% outsourced managed service. Our nimble approach allows for custom-fit modular plugins to ‘upgrade and futureproof’ platforms making them digital asset friendly—an ever-increasing consumer need from primary financial providers, as proven by a recent MasterCard survey

Findings highlighted that 67 percent of queried millennials were more open to purchasing digital assets than ever before, while 40 percent of all respondents, including those in the US and Middle East, expressed plans to use or own digital currency within the next year.

Democratising the financial system

In 2021, online retail sales were recorded at over $5.2 trillion worldwide, with most, if not all, e-transactions completed through the use of a digital payment gateway. As this figure continues to rise, Sentinel Digital’s advanced infrastructure provides customers with solutions fully designed to support the formal adoption of emerging technology—including fiat currency and digital asset payment options.

Breaking down previously monopolised markets, with cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient technology, Sentinel Digital supports partners who are disrupting industry norms, challenging traditional thinking, and ensuring a fairer financial system for all.

Sentinel Digital enhances your financial services, making them more profitable, sustainable, flexible, and market-leading. We enable businesses and customers alike, with rapid infrastructure deployment that is uniquely configured to best support your customer needs.

Reshaping the financial landscape together

Bringing together years of pioneering experience from financial systems, markets, world-leading technical solutions, and business innovation, Sentinel Digital is bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance with modular embedded finance.

Transform your financial infrastructure and get in touch today.

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