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Digital-Asset Multi-Currency Debit Cards: Your Gateway to Digital Payments


Today, over 1 billion people hold digital financial assets worldwide. Every day, digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are bought, sold, traded, and used to make purchases online, with assets held in virtual wallets. With adoption rates on the rise, providing accessible fintech solutions to businesses and customers alike has never been more important.

Until now, spending digital currency has been restricted by access. For example, Bitcoin owners could only redeem their assets where the token was accepted as tender— mainly online.

This is where digital-asset multi-currency debit cards come in. No need to cash out or trade in: with a digital-asset multi-currency debit card, you can pay for any goods or services without restriction, anytime, anywhere. Better still, you can add digital-asset multi-currency debit cards to your business’ financial tech stack —providing customers with new and innovative payment solutions.

What is a digital-asset multi-currency debit card?

Take your good old-fashioned debit card. You tap, swipe, and insert it to pay for most transactions. With a digital-asset multi-currency debit card, you can do exactly that—but for all your digital assets, too.

A digital-asset multi-currency debit card enables customers to pay for goods and services with their virtual assets. By selecting a preferred payment method in the Sentinel Digital app, such as Ethereum, the transaction will be automatically calculated and completed in the native fiat currency (USD, for instance). There’s also no restriction when using the debit card, either online or in person.

Here’s just a few of the benefits a digital-asset multi-currency debit card can bring:

Spend digital assets in real-time. Use your digital assets to pay for goods and services as and when you need to.

Long term value. Digital currency payment options provide a long-term, sustainable solution as adoption increases globally.

Efficient and easy to use. Make all your purchases with a single virtual or physical debit card.

International coverage. With a digital-asset multi-currency debit card, there’s no restriction on where you can spend.

All major digital assets accepted

With over 120 tokens to choose from, Sentinel Digital’s digital-asset multi-currency debit cards offer a wide and inclusive selection of digital currencies to be spent worldwide. Whether using a virtual or physical debit card, our financial infrastructure can be customised to meet the needs of both your platform and customers. 

Our customisable virtual and physical debit cards will be fully licensed and will comply with all major global card schemes. To benefit our customers, we’ll also be introducing multiple debit card services, such as Loyalty and Earning*. Our Loyalty scheme will give users cashback, cryptoback and rewards based on everyday purchasing online and in high street retailers. We’ll also be providing a liquidity feature, where digital assets can be converted into cash without affecting the market price. 

Deploying digital financial infrastructure

At Sentinel Digital, our advanced digital fintech solutions will provide faster and more cost-effective alternatives to traditional financial methods. Offering a 100 per cent managed service, we’re on hand to help your business break into new markets. Check out our products page and get in touch today.


*subject to regulatory approval.


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