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APIs: Enabling Our Digital Financial Services


Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the power behind the fintech throne. As the financial services industry continues to develop, the demand for instant, effective, and simplistic financial technology is greater than ever before. With an estimated 28 per cent of the UK using  digital banking apps daily and 65 per cent of the overall US population also managing their finances online, at Sentinel Digital, our ground breaking API tech connects, enables and unlocks value within the digital asset ecosystem for all financial stakeholders.

Read on to discover the advantages of APIs, the technology powering the Sentinel Digital platform, and how it can transform your financial services today.

Transformational financial technology

APIs are digital mechanisms that enable communication between two or more technical systems. For example, when viewing your bank account through a mobile application, a background API facilitates the sharing of information between the account and app—so that you can access your financial data on the go.

With many financial systems operating in silos, API technology breaks down communication barriers without the need for complicated software. Sentinel Digital’s digital asset friendly and white-label solutions can be integrated into any existing financial system, providing customers with a bespoke infrastructure that’s designed to meet their business needs. 

Enabling effective and resilient change, without any impact to live services, Sentinel Digital’s API technology allows for the development and rollout of transformational software at both speed and reduced cost—including coverage for debit card, remittance, lending and IBAN products, in addition to many more.

Positive solutions that drive business change

Delivering effective solutions without impacting internal resources, Sentinel Digital’s customisable API technology—built onto your platform—brings a wealth of benefits that provide long-term and sustainable customer results.

These key elements can be summarised in four main points:

  • Innovative. APIs unlock new opportunities from existing financial systems without the need for expensive infrastructure redesign, such as providing custom-built services and value in the digital asset ecosystem.
  • Adaptable. Whether data migration or service flexibility, API technology can be adapted to fit client and customer needs. Through this approach, businesses can develop and deploy new products from their existing software suite both quickly and efficiently.
  • Simple. Simplified processes, including product merging, provide efficient solutions for users, which can be further tailored to match specific needs and accessibility requirements. 
  • Accessible. Through enhanced services and products, APIs drive industry change. With more advanced tools on offer, financial firms can reach a wider customer demographic and increase business growth.

APIs facilitate a vastly improved customer experience through background software communication, customer product choice, and ease-of-access. With Sentinel Digital, our white-label, digital asset friendly platform provides a faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditional finance methods. 

Connect, enable, and unlock

Offering a 100% managed service in partnership with relevant, regulated firms, we’re on hand to help your business break into new markets. Our infrastructure is fully compatible with all your existing software solutions, due to the advanced digital finance technology we deploy. Connect your services, enable your customers, and unlock your financial potential with Sentinel Digital. 

Our expert team, bringing together years of experience in financial systems, markets, world-leading technical solutions, and business innovation is on hand to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance.

Learn more about our services and get in touch today.

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